Regnum Christi apostolate Mission Youth Building School in Haiti

For the past five years the Regnum Christi apostolate Mission Youth has been organizing mission trips to Haiti.  The devastating earthquake of 2010 and subsequent epidemics have left the country very debilitated. 

Mission Youth has sent to Haiti well over a thousand missionaries in that time.  The work first started with Paola Treviño, consecrated woman of Regnum Christi.  A month after the earthquake she made her way to Port-au-Prince to join the Missionaries of Charity in their relief efforts.  Now, six years later, the Mission Youth staff has grown to three fulltime consecrated women and a handful of Legionary priests.

This summer work on the first school began.  It is located east of Port-au-Prince, about twenty miles from the capital.  “This school is an incredible gift of God to these families”, says Katelyn Moroney, national director of Mission Youth. “I am so honored that we could be part of making it happen. The challenges these families face to educate their children in rural Haiti are daunting. This school offers their children a vital opportunity in education with the faith and Christian values that will sustain them for the arduous challenges they will face.”

The school will be named in honor of St. Joseph.  His special protection has been felt during the whole process of planning and building.  The opening of the school will happen this fall.