Regnum Christi Identity

The Charism of Regnum Christi

The charism of Regnum Christi is a gift that God gives to the Church. It is a supernatural reality that cannot be fully explained in a definition, but we can reflect on it in order to understand it more deeply.

A charism is something alive, something that is incarnated in the people who receive it, and that unfolds in a lifestyle and a way of living a mission.

The Charism of Regnum Christi: What does Christ call us to live?

“He calls me to make his Kingdom present in the hearts of people and in society, making present the mystery of Christ, the Apostle of the Kingdom. This mystery is Jesus Christ himself who goes out to meet people, reveals the love of his heart, gathers them together, forms them as apostles and Christian leaders, and then sends and accompanies them to collaborate with him in evangelization. ”

The charism of Regnum Christi and its identity according to the Statutes has been approved by the Holy See.


What is the mystery of Christ’s life that the Regnum Christi charism springs from?

The Regnum Christi Identity is an essay that reflects on what it means to live a mystery of the life of Christ and make it present in the world, and about the particular mystery in Christ’s life that the Regnum Christi identity springs from. It also contains three concept maps, and an infographic.

It was created by the Life and Mission Division of the General Directorate of the Regnum Christi Federation, with the intention of helping us to go deeper in understanding the charism while praying with the Word of God. It is available in English and in Spanish.

Live the Mystery of the Kingdom is a second essay that continues from The Regnum Christi Identity and focuses more specifically on the mission of making the Kingdom present in one’s own life, in the hearts of others and in society. It includes workshops and questions for reflection that help us understand how to live this mystery concretely. It’s available in English and in Spanish.