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Regnum Christi School Hosts Robotics League

Instituto Cumbres Alpes Querétaro (the Heights-Alps School in Querétaro, Mexico) hosted both the XXIII Anáhuac International Baccalaureate Awards and the XI Robotics League competition at the same time in early May. The local Universidad Anáhuac Querétaro also helped with organize it. More than 3,500 people attended.

The events began with a Mass presided by Fr. Ricardo Sada, LC, territorial director of Mexico. The city mayor, the governor of the state and the bishop of Querétaro were present, along with other authorities and many from the network of Regnum Christi Schools in Mexico.

The Anáhuac International Baccalaureate Awards, according to their website “includes competitions that range from religious projects to scientific, through mathematics and architecture. The primary goal of this academic fair is for students to develop and publicly display projects of professional quality, and  develop skills, a sense of social responsibility and professional ethics.”

Likewise, the website explains that the Robotics League is “incorporated into the curriculum as a cross-training tool that supports and encourages the development of competences in other areas of the students. It is considered, increasingly, as part of the ‘new literacy’ along with reading, writing and arithmetic.”

Leadership that Leaves a Positive Footprint on Society

Fr. Benjamín Clariond, LC, director of the Insituto Cumbres Alpes Querétaro and its associated High School, commented: “In the different competitions we have seen passion, we have seen art, we have seen creativity, we have seen the ability to solve problems, to work in team, to improvise, to think, to structure a discourse. All those skills that prepare us to be able to face the challenges that we are going to have to work in during the 21st century.”

These competitions, Fr Benjamin explained, are about preparing young people “for the world, preparing them for university as well as ensuring that after university they have the tools they will need so that they can do things well and develop their leadership to leave a positive footprint in society.”

Luis Eduardo Álvarez, rector of the Anáhuac University Querétaro, recalling the difficulties and demands involved in preparing this type of event, said, “It is worth the effort to see the satisfaction of the participants and how each of these young people has grown, learned and lived in these days.”

You can see the original in Spanish on the Regnum Christi site. You can also see a photo gallery.


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