Regnum Christi Section Web Manual


Section 1: Governance Framework

Section 2: Section Leadership Training 

Chapter 1- The Section Director

  1. Guidelines for Section Directors
  2. Transmitting Mystique in the Regnum Christi Section
  3. Section Director Training Course 1: Mission of the Section Director
  4. Section Director Training Course 2: Directing the Section
  5. Section Director Training Course 3: Personal Attention
  6. Section Director Training Course 4: AFIRE: Life in the Section
  7. Section Director Training Course 5: Apostolate

Chapter 2- The Section Assistant

  1. Guidelines for Section Assistants

 Chapter 3- The Group Leader

  1. Guidelines for Group Leaders
  2. Guidelines for Team Leader Selection

Chapter 4- The Team Leader

  1. Guidelines for Team Leaders
  2. Team Leader Training Course 1: The Mission of the Team Leader
  3. Team Leader Training Course 2: Team Life
  4. Team Leader training Course 3: The Team Leader and the Member
  5. Team Leader Training Course 4: The Team Leader and the Section
  6. Team Leader Training Course 5: The Team and Apostolate

Chapter 5- AFIRE & The AFIRE Team

  1. Guidelines for AFIRE team

Chapter 6- Formation of Formators

  1. Formation of Formators
  2. Portrait of an Apostle 
  3. RC Mission (Placemat)

Chapter 7-  The Encounter with Christ

  1. EWC Essence and Practical
  2. Team Guidelines for EWC
  3. Encounter with Christ format and notes

Section 3: Member Formation

  1. Steps of RC Discernment and Orientation of New Regnum Christi members
  2. Discernment Course for those considering a call to RC
  3. Beginnings: Orientation for new members
  4. Portrait of an Apostle: The Core Convictions, Spirituality and Practical Principals of RC
  5. Vocation Statement and Program of Life
  6. Guide for Spiritual Direction
  7. RC Member Handbook
  8. RC Member Handbook Study Guide
  9. Vocation of Lay Members of Regnum Christi (study themes from the renewal)
  10. Second Degree Manual

Section 3 Appendix:

  1. Rite of Association to the Regnum Christi Federation
  2. Devotional Renewal of the Commitments of Association
  3. Rite of the Promise of Self-giving
  4. Certificate of Association to the Regnum Christi Federation
  5. Certificate of the Promise of Self-giving
  6. RC Novenas
  7. Sample Christ the King Mass Program
  8. Conference Planning Manual
  9. Conference Budget Template
  10. Sample Spiritual Exercises or Triduum of Renewal Planning Guide
  11. Spiritual Exercises Binder
  12. Formation Talk Writing Guidelines