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Tools to Help You Connect with the RC Identity and Mission


We offer a number of regular newsletters to keep you, your local members, and friends of Regnum Christi informed and in the know about the incredible ways God is working in and through Regnum Christi!

Daily Meditations are written and podcast meditations on the day’s Gospel sent daily to your inbox. CONNECT

The Weekly Digest of Regnum Christi Daily Meditations is a weekly email that arrives every Saturday, and provides you with all of the RC Daily Meditations and podcasts for the week ahead so you can use them to plan your week of prayer, prepare for the next Sunday’s Mass, or ensure you are receiving the day’s meditations on time no matter where you are in the world, in any time zone. CONNECT

RC This Week is a weekly newsletter that showcases current news stories and blogs from around the territory.  The spirituality, communion and mission sections contain articles written by Regnum Christi members from all branches. It’s an excellent way to get inspired in your spiritual life, get to know your spiritual family, and get inspired for the mission you are called to! CONNECT

Mission is a monthly newsletter that curates the best of the past months news and resources and presents them in a way that  nourishes members and friends of Regnum Christi alike. CONNECT

RC EQUIP is a monthly newsletter geared at those who hold leadership roles in localities.  It is made up of communication and tools to help you lead.  It covers practical ways RC leaders can lead, form and launch those in their localities and highlights new resources available and what’s happening in other localities. CONNECT

Special Announcements allow you to stay up to date with the latest news and updates. CONNECT

LC Brothers’ Newsletter is a monthly newsletter from the young men in formation at the Legionaries of Christ Seminary in Cheshire, Connecticut. CONNECT

Locality Asset Library

In the Locality Asset Library you’ll find a growing collection of helpful digital tools including our style guide, official logos, branded PowerPoint templates, newsletter headers, social media footers, daily meditation graphics, an image library of stock and locally sourced photos, and more!  Each month we add more to this folder so bookmark the link and check back often.  CONNECT


RC IMPACT 2019 is a brand new 36-page booklet highlighting the evangelizing missions of Regnum Christi Members from around the North American territory and sharing the dynamic impact that lay members have on the world through their vocation. The booklet is 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ and can be used by itself or in the pocket of the Regnum Christi Trifold Folder.  It is high-quality, full-color, includes letters from the territorial directors, and a directory of Regnum Christi locations, vocations, and ways to get involved in our mission.

Regnum Christi Standee Floor Banners have been designed for you to print and use in your locality!  Perfect for local apostolic activities, and parish or diocesan events. Designed to be made as 47″ x 81″ retractable banners, they come in two different sets of six: one set that highlights different elements of the Regnum Christi Federation, and one set that displays the five dimensions of life as a lay member of Regnum Christi. The designs, with instructions for ordering, are in the Locality Asset Library. CONNECT

The Regnum Christi Brochure introduces Regnum Christi, the four vocations that are a part of it, and the RC mission.  It can be customized with your locality’s contact information at the time of ordering. CONNECT

The Regnum Christi Folder is a new high-quality, 8 ½” x 11” folder that holds one-sheets introducing 10 aspects of Regnum Christi, including the RC identity and each vocation, our formation centers, and some of our institutions and programs.

Regnum Christi Vertical One-sheets. The front of each of these one sheets has a picture and quick facts about the subject it introduces, as well as the website for that particular group or institution. The back has more in-depth information. They measure 8 ½” tall by 5.5” wide and are printed in full color on glossy card-stock. These one-sheets are designed in line with the RC Style Guide, and written with current language that reflects Regnum Christi today. You can feel confident using these to share the identity of Regnum Christi! CONNECT


These 3 short videos explore the elements of the Regnum Christi mission, which is revealing Christ’s love to people, forming them as apostles, and launching them in their god-given mission.

Revealing Christ’s Love

Forming People as Apostles

Launching them in their God-Given Mission

Social Media

Follow and share all the latest inspiring content from Regnum Christi in the North American Territory by clicking here: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Digital Tools & E-books

Regnum Christi: 4 Vocations, 1 Spiritual Family is a digital look book sharing the Identity and Mission of the 4 vocations that make up Regnum Christi. CONNECT

RC IMPACT 2019 is the digital version of the 36-page booklet highlighting the evangelizing missions of Regnum Christi Members from around the North American territory and sharing the dynamic impact that lay members have on the world through their vocation. CONNECT

The Identity of Regnum Christi According to the Statutes of the Regnum Christi Federation is an e-book reflecting on what it means to live a mystery of the life of Christ and make it present in the world, and about the particular mystery in Christ’s life that the Regnum Christi identity springs from. It was created by the Life and Mission Division of the General Directorate of the Regnum Christi Federation, with the intention of helping us to go deeper in understanding the charism while praying with the Word of God. CONNECT


Our website is updated daily with news and blogs that tell the Regnum Christi story.  It’s a great place to discover how God is working in and through the hearts of Regnum Christi members of all vocations and around the world. CONNECT to our current news. CONNECT to our RC LIve! Blog.

COMING SOON! Communications Training Online Classroom

The communications training online classroom is rolling out soon!  It will offer practical lessons to help you build your communications skills in  6 areas:

  1. Making the Invitation to RC
  2. Marketing Series
  3. Communication Series
  4. Building Community
  5. Who are we?
  6. How do I support my parish

Mobile App- just launched!

Our new Regnum Christi English app is in its pilot phase in iOS on the Apple App Store!  The Android version will be released following the pilot.  The new app brings you the Regnum Christi Daily Meditations in text and podcast forms, the Regnum Christi Prayerbook, commitment card, news, blogs, podcasts from Legionary priests, and more.  CONNECT

Regnum Christi Statutes

Read the Statutes of the Regnum Christi Federation, the Rule of Life for the Lay Faithful Associated to Regnum Christi, and other documents. CONNECT

Online Prayer Book

Pray on the go with the Regnum Christi Prayer Book, now available for free online and accessible by computer, phone or tablet.  It includes prayers for all of the moments when Catholics are traditionally encouraged to step back from their daily activity and spend some time with God; including morning prayers, the Rosary, the Stations of the Cross, Eucharistic Hour prayers, preparation for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, night prayers, and many others. CONNECT

RC Spirituality Center Online Classroom

The RC Spirituality Center’s Online Classroom contains a growing collection of on-demand self-paced courses that make learning available when you are. CONNECT

Regnum Christi Formation Pathway

The Formation pathway is an ongoing path of personal and communal growth. This path has some common elements, but individual members follow it at a personalized pace. The pathway provides essential elements that can be used and developed flexibly in accordance with the needs of each member. CONNECT