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Renewing the Dream of Marriage

“Our Marriage is Sacred and Now Daily Life Is Completely Different”

In January, Regnum Christi Barcelona organized a marriage renewal retreat that will be repeated across Spain.

The retreat was called a “SPONSUS [latin for ‘betrothed’] seminar” and it was the first seminar of that type in Spain. Fr. Renzo Bonetti, who developed SPONSUS, helped lead it. Leticia Rico and Javier Pujol participated in the seminar as a couple. They spoke about their experience to RC Spain. They noted, “We understood the wonderful vocation we have and the immense value of the Sacrament that transformed our lives on the wedding day.”

They said, “Last weekend we had a marriage experience that literally changed our lives. We went to the SPONSUS seminar that was held in Barcelona for the first time. The methodology comes from Italy, where Fr. Renzo Bonetti has spent more than 10 years dedicated to helping married couples.”

They felt the seminar was strongly Catholic, as they explain, “For us it has been a huge gift. It is a retreat based on the Word of Christ, the Catechism and the doctrine of the Church, with a very didactic approach and accompanied by different very grounded dynamics to understand the true richness of marriage.”

They continued, “We knew that we have a Christian marriage, that thanks to God we both share our faith and even our vocation to Regnum Christi. But each of us had gone our separate ways, that is, living our relationship with God individually in our own manner. The retreat made us understand the wonderful vocation we have and the immense value of the sacrament that transformed our lives on our wedding day.”

Then they explained how it brought about that change, “It has helped us to renew the dream, to see our life together with other eyes, to know that our marriage is sacred and that God is the one who elevates it to a different dimension from where day to day is completely different. The principles learned are to go deep for a long time, but a horizon has opened in our minds and hearts that makes us very happy.”

They concluded, “We thank all those who have made this weekend possible and we are convinced that it will do much good to those who openly decide to participate in the experience.”

You can read the original of the Spanish-language RC site.