Sharpening Your Tongue: A Regnum Christi Essay On Charity in Our Words

Regnum Christi Essays are extended, in-depth reflections on particular aspects of life as a Regnum Christi member. An Essay may develop the nature of a virtue, showing what that virtue might look like when lived out in harmony with the Regnum Christi identity and mission. An Essay may explore the challenges of living out one of the commitments shared by all members. An Essay may be instructive, explaining the history, context, and meaning of certain Movement traditions. In short, RC Essays are a chance for all of us to delve deeper into our charism, reflecting seriously on our spiritual patrimony, which the Church has recognized and lauded, and in that way helping that patrimony grow and bear fruit.

RC Essays make no pretense of being the sole and exhaustive expression of our charism. The RC Spirituality Center will review and edit them to ensure their quality in expression and content, but no single person owns a collective charism in such a way as to give it a definitive and exhaustive expression. This is one of the important lessons we have begun to learn in our process of reform and renewal. Some RC Essays will lend themselves naturally to personal meditation; others will be especially apt for group study circles; all aim to be useful as spiritual reading for members in every branch of the Movement.

It is our hope and prayer that this series will continue to grow organically under the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Some Essays will connect more strongly with our members, and others less, while some may fall by the wayside after their useful moment has passed. Yet perhaps the best RC Essays will stand the test of time, becoming spiritual and intellectual nourishment for many generations of Movement members. Please send your ideas and feedback to us through the feedback button at

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