Small Groups

Christian Life. Live It.

“The individual’s act of faith finds it place within a community: through our encounter with others, our gaze rises to a truth greater than ourselves.” – Pope Francis

Have fun, explore your Faith and experience Christ with others. Life is not meant to be lived alone. Learn, meet like-minded friends and find purpose & intention in life.

A Christian Life small group is a group of five or more people in your own parish or community who meet each week for 6 weeks to hang out, learn, pray together and put your faith into action in your daily life.

Groups come in all shapes and sizes — married couples, men, women, young professionals, empty-nesters, students — the list goes on. No matter where you are in life, there’s a group for you.

Sound good? Find a group that fits you or start one of your own. Contact us here for more information.

Christian Life: How Does it Work?

Christian Life small groups meet for 90 minutes in series of 6 weekly meetings. Built on an atmosphere of friendship, discovery and prayer, Christian Life Small Groups have 3 simple elements:

1. (30 minutes) welcome, opening prayer and shared reflection on a passage from the Gospel: What does it tell you about:

Jesus? Who He is and what he thinks
Others? Your relationship with the world and those around you
You? About yourself, your life, your purpose, and about how God sees you.

2. (45 minutes) A segment of a book or video study on the Catholic faith. Study Materials are customized for the make up and needs of the group. The Christian Life program has some well researched study material recommendations.

3. (15 minutes) Resolution for action and closing prayer with intentions.

Participants decide on an active way to live out what we have learned. Something big or small that we will commit to do before the next meeting (can be a personal change of habit, helping out in the parish or community, an act of kindness, etc…) based on inspiration from the gospel reflection and study portions of the meeting. Finally, everyone has a chance to ask for prayer for their individual intentions and to pray together in closing.

No Small Group is an Island

A great program with great materials is not enough.

Christian Life is built on community and personal connection. Each Christian Life Small group leader has a Local Trainer or training team. Leaders get together before beginning a 6 weeks session for a dynamic one day training retreat.

There’s more. You are invited to continue your journey of faith outside the Christian Life small group by connecting into a network of retreats & missions ( at home and abroad) offered by the Regnum Christi movement to help you keep growing and living your mission.

Study Materials

The Christian Life small group program is FREE. When you register as a new leader, you will receive our easy to follow Christian Life Leader’s Guide by email . When you register as a participant you will receive an email with your Christian Life 6 week small group journal. The only cost is for the materials you choose to study ( and many of the ones we recommend are free as well).

Christian Life small groups have no pre-set curriculum. We do recommend some great, solid Catholic resources tailor- made for your particular group’s size and shape from some of the strongest authors in the Catholic Church today.

Ready to Jump In? Contact us here for more information, or to start or join a Christian Life group.

Christian Life is a Catholic small group program offered by the Regnum Christi Movement.