Catholic spirituality comprises the prayers, practices and writings that help us grow in our friendship with Christ. Spirituality forms part of our response to the Holy Spirit as we live rooted in the revelation of Jesus Christ.

Spirituality involves a range of practices that help people center their lives more and more on following God’s will. Any authentic Catholic spirituality includes public worship, such as Mass and the sacraments, and private practices, such as prayer and Scripture reading.

Regnum Christi spirituality has a keen awareness of the need to be Christ-centered. It tries to cultivate in its members an ever-deeper love for Jesus with the help of a daily meditation, periodic retreats and spiritual direction. It strongly encourages members to express and complement their love for Christ through works of service and ministry that help souls and build the Church.

Like other Catholic spiritualities, Regnum Christi’s aims to enlighten and channel a person’s intelligence and will. It brings the faithful to an awareness of the content and demands of God’s revelation, enabling the intelligence to heal and strengthen.

Likewise, growth in the spiritual life gradually heals and strengthens our will, which bears the scars of original sin. This growth leads us out of self-centered and self-indulgent habits into virtuous living. Virtues are those habits of the will that enable us to choose what is truly good and right in any circumstance.

What are the characteristics we aspire to? We hope to be:

• Christ-centered

• Faith-filled

• Faithful to Mary

• Loving the Church and the Pope

• Anchored in charity

• Joyful

• Merciful

• Zealous

• Contemplative and evangelizing

Regnum Christi spirituality finds nourishment in papal and other magisterial teachings. It also draws on the writings of many saints and Doctors and Fathers of the Church and other proven spiritual writers.