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The Poor Need Us, Not Just Food and Clothing

Lourdes Orendain has been transformed by doing Christ in the Street in Madrid. She realized that more than food or clothing, these people needed the caring look of a fellow human.

Christ of the street is an apostolate of Missionary Youth that has been in Madrid for two years, and little by little it has been growing to reach people who are thirsty for a look that welcomes them. Lourdes Orendain, a student of Gastronomy at the Francisco de Vitoria University, has participated in the apostolate since its inception, and tells LomásRC how Cristo de la Calle has been responding to his concern to help the most vulnerable to discover their loved ones.

“The areas where we usually go to Cristo de la calle are areas where I usually live in Madrid, and whenever I go by I see the people who sit on the street with their posters and improvised beds. to want to help them because it could perfectly be us who are in their situation.

What I like about Christ on the street has given me the opportunity to respond to that concern I had and know that I can do something not only to feel good but to see the result of the apostolate in people, which is what really fills. When we approach them they are surprised that we see them, that we talk to them and we are interested in their lives. You can see the surprise on their faces.

People want food, it is logical, but it is not mainly what they are looking for: they want company. It hurts me that these people feel ignored by the people who pass in front of them without looking at them. To be able to talk to them and show them that I recognize that they exist and that we are people, both they and us, the ones we help, is what I like the most.

The last experience of Christ on the street is the one that has impacted me the most, because it was when I realized what the human need to live with others and the need for a look that welcomes them is.

In this last exit, a man said that he stopped believing in God because of the circumstances he had lived and some children who went with us answered him from his innocence that God exists. The man did not know how to contradict the children and ran into mixed feelings. It is not the first time something like this happens, we find testimonies of grief but also testimonies of a lot of faith that leave you a lesson: having nothing they have everything.”


Photo by Kat Yukawa on Unsplash