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Touching the Hearts Christ puts in Her Path as a Missionary

Camila Cáceres recently started a year as RC Missionary. She shares her story about how she became part of RC Mission Corps.

Camila attended a Regnum Christi school in Mérida, Mexico. Looking back, she sees how her whole formative experience with Regnum Christi from her earliest years lead her to this experience, and to a fuller love of Christ.

“Regnum Christi came into my life when my parents met it and began a process of true conversion. I have always been a practicing Catholic but when I was little, my Catholic faith was lived in a very superficial way because I really had not met God personally.

“When I became a member of ECYD, my soul began to have a deep thirst for God. I started to search for him more and more, and the closer I got to Him, the more I wanted to let him into my life so he could truly transform my heart.

“ECYD was God’s way of bringing me to meet Him. With all the training I had during the four stages of ECYD, I now realize that being accompanied spiritually through the years by leaders who are helping me grow is a very great privilege and a gift from God.

“It is incredible how Regnum Christi has programs that reach people from the time they are small to help us know God, so as we grow, our faith also grows. Regnum Christi is an important part of my walk with Christ and has taught me how to rest in his eternal love. Although many times I fall, I know that He is there to get me up and help me go forward, and I know that because of all the formation that Regnum Christi has given me.  For that, I am deeply grateful to God.

“Being a Regnum Christi member and wearing it tattooed on my heart is a true honor and, now that I have decided to serve for a year in the RC Mission Corps program, I want to convey Christ’s great love for humanity, that love that lights hearts, that unconditional love that has no limits. I am giving a year to God in gratitude for all that he has given me, and I hope to be able to leave a mark on the hearts that He puts in my path, that unique mark, his mark that remains forever in the heart, an RC mark.”

RC Missionaries are young adult members of Regnum Christi who seek a deep experience of the love of Christ. They give one or more years of their life in the service of the Church. Their mission is to help other people to get closer to God and to collaborate in the transformation of society through the works, apostolates and charism of the Regnum Christi Federation.

You can read the original on SomosRC, the Mexican Regnum Christi website.