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Two Consecrated Women Release New Album

Amelia Silva and Marcela De Maria, both Consecrated Woman, have published a musical album called “Venga tu Reino” (Thy Kingdom Come!). Amelia sat down for an interview about the album, music’s role in evangelization and how they reflect the Regnum Christi charism.

Marcela De Maria lives in Rome and has focused on music for almost 20 years in her studio called “ART Music Studio.” (ART stands for Adveniat Regnum Tuum which is “Thy Kingdom Come!” in Latin.) Amelia Silva, meanwhile, works with the Regnum Christi girls at Everest School Monteclaro in Madrid, Spain.

Amelia have you recorded an album with Marcela before?

Amelia: Yes, this is the third year that I’m recording with Marcela. We have recorded three albums and a single called “Un solo corazón” (Only One Heart). Soon there will be an album for Christmas and two more albums with songs that we have composed together or that she has composed and I sing. Sorry for the spoiler.

How did the idea of ​​making these albums come about?

It arises from an impressive amount of compositions that Marcela made in the last three years. She has had a very prolific inspiration from our very own songs. It is a very strong inspiration of the Holy Spirit so that we transmit what is proper to our spirituality through music. God has placed it in our hearts and in many people of Regnum Christi to bring his kingdom to all hearts.

What are the songs about?

The idea of ​​this album was sought to be very charismatic, and to show the spirituality and joy of the resurrection. We try to express what our spirituality transmits, which is that Christ as meaning of life, a risen Christ. The album transmits a bright and happy Christianity that shows that the Lord was resurrected and to rejoice. That’s why we started with the song “Alégrate María” (Be Joyful, Mary) that speaks just about this. As for the main song, “Venga tu Reino,” (Thy Kingdom Come!) we want to convey the Regnum Christi charism. We want his Kingdom to come, that for which we fight, live and give life.

What is music for you and for Marcela?

I think this is the most important, profound and strongest question. There is a call within my vocation to transmit to Christ through music. This opens the hearts in a way that a talk, preaching or conversation would not open them. Today we know that talking about God is not easy and singing it may be a more appropriate way to penetrate the depths of the yearning to listen to God and feel loved. Music elevates us to that. I speak of “us” because I think it’s something Marcela and I shared. We see music not only as a “hobby”, but as a real instrument of evangelization. We see it as a gift from God.

Digital versions of this album can be found on: Itunes, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer, and Amazon.

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