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United States Bishops Invite All to 9 days of Prayer for Life

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is inviting all Catholics to a novena of prayer for the protection of life at all stages.  From January 18th to 26th, 2018.


Resources are available at .  The main elements of the Novena are built around the themes of PRAY, GATHER, SHARE.


The novena can be downloaded, or participants can subscribe to daily text message or email prayers. There is also a Facebook Event available for people to participate together in the nine days of prayer.


Participants in the novena are encouraged to gather in their communities, parishes or online to share ways to support life at all stages.


The novena also invites people to put mercy into action and share their support for life online with social media frames, memes and hashtags.

The novena begins the day before the 2018 March for life, which is expected to draw an estimated 800,000 people to Washington, DC, to march peacefully in support of the right-to-life at all ages, and the dignity of the human person.

Regnum Christi members will be present at the March for Life, as well as several groups coming from Regnum Christi schools and ECYD groups around the country.