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Virtual Family Missions in Tapachula, Mexico

Regnum Christi members and friends in Tapachula, Mexico, organized a few events to spread the missionary spirit even when certain activities normally found in missions could not take place due to the pandemic.

The Mission Youth, and Missionary Family groups at the Mano Amiga Tapachula School got together during the month of October in various events that promote support for missionaries around the world, and especially for the growth and formation of the town. (Mano Amiga schools are schools Regnum Christi runs in around the world for poor families, providing a Catholic education without cost.)

To achieve this, Masses, rosaries, and other prayers were offered, and the recitation of the rosary was promoted through social networks with a video broadcast to promote a message of hope, solidarity and unity.

World Mission Sunday 2020

“Jesus said to them again, ‘Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, even so I send you.’” John, 20:21

World Mission Sunday is the day in which, in a special way, the universal Church prays for missionaries and collaborates with missions, a special occasion that once again motivated the unity in action and prayer of ​​Regnum Christi members involved in Mission Youth and Missionary Family in Tapachula. They came together to strengthen the missionary spirit that unites them, as well as to help with missions in the world through the Holy Mass officiated by Fr. Pablo Yeudiel González Cuéllar, LC, on Sunday, October 18 through Zoom.

Members of Missionary Family, sections of Regnum Christi, those at the Instituto Cumbres and Mano Amiga School gathered at the Mass, and during the celebration they were asked by the missionaries of the world and in a special way for the faith, unity and perseverance of those in Mission Youth and Missionary Family in Tapachula.

Extraordinary Missions

On Sunday October 25, as part of the missionary program of the Mano Amiga School of Tapachula, the families that are part of the apostolate gathered to participate in an activity that began with the reflection of the Gospel. Later, they shared their testimony as extraordinary missionaries and the new challenge of carrying out activities digitally, understanding that for God there are no impossible things and that there is always a heart willing to listen to his word and fall in love with a new way of life in the love of Christ.

The day, which took place through the Zoom platform, culminated with the union of the participants praying in unity a mystery of the Holy Rosary entrusting each missionary family and the educational community.

You can read the original on SomosRC, the Regnum Christi site of Mexico.