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Witnessing to God as a Teenager

Lucía Nardiz is an 18-year-old in Madrid who just decided to join Regnum Christi. She describes it as wanting to keep the goodness she found in Regnum Christi close to her.

Lucía just graduated from Everest School Monteclaro in Madrid, and had previously done two years at boarding schools Regnum Christi runs called OAK International Academies. As she begins University, she has decided to incorporate into Regnum Christi. In this interview she tells us what this means in her mission to be a witness of God before others.

What has made you join Regnum Christi at this time in your life?
As I start college, I would like to stay close to the movement and I have seen that it was the right time.

What does your family think about your decision to join?

My parents have not given joining much importance. My mother is more excited than my father, but in general both support me with my decision.

What is your mission within Regnum Christi?
For the moment, I believe that my mission is to improve, however I can, in my environment and to be a witness of God for those who are near.

Father Nicolás Núñez, LC, with the group of people who joined Regnum Christi with Lucía

Has graduating from a Catholic school influenced your life and the decisions you now make?
Of course! Having been brought up in a Catholic environment has not only given me the opportunity to make plans and to know God more thoroughly, it has allowed me to grow in values, which I am sure will accompany me the rest of my life.

What has been one of your best experiences with Regnum Christi?
I have not been incorporated for a long time, but from what I have been able to live in the Kingdom, I would say that the best have been the schools. I had the opportunity to go one year to Woodlands Academy in Ireland and another one at Le Châtelard Academy. It was an incredible experience.

What do you have in common with other people in the movement?
With my friends from Regnum Christi, I share my vision of life, the way I want to grow in relation to God and my commitment to Him.

Do you think that a job and an existential vocation can be combined? In your case, what would it be like?
Of course! That is the purpose, to know how to bring God into your daily life. In my case, this would be knowing how to make a difference with the young people with whom I live every day.

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