Young Men Join the Lay Consecrated Men of Regnum Christi

On August 12, Emmanuel Luis and Andrés Chavez started their 2 years of formation to become consecrated men with a Mass by the Territorial director, Fr Ricardo Sada LC. Each of them shared a short testimony of this new step in their life.

This is part of our series for National Vocational Awareness Week. Hopefully, these testimonies will help you to understand this vocation within the Regnum Christi Family.

“The Mass beginning our two years of formation was something special I’ll remember my whole life. It represents the beginning of a personal adventure without equal,” commented Emmanuel Luis.

Emmanuel was struck by the family aspect of Regnum Christi. “It is amazing and special to live this moment with my family: with the consecrated men who have accompanied me up until now, with the Legionary priests who’ve formed me, with the consecrated women who prayed for me with devotion, with all those special people in my life, especially my brother RC Missionaries. The Mass was a special moment to thank God for all those who’ve accompanied me on my path of surrender to God, and those who’ve accompanied me in preparing for what’s to come.”

Emanuel continued, “This Mass was the perfect time to put everything in God’s hands and let him take the helm of my life. I was overwhelmed finding myself before God extending his arms to me in love, wanting to embrace me and reiterating the invitation he made long ago.”

Emmanuel together with other former RC Missionaries

For Andrés Chavez, the gifts of God were apparent from the moment he arrived for the Mass, “When I got to the chapel, I saw many Legionaries, all the consecrated women, the lay consecrated men, etc. It was as if God was telling me ‘Here is your family!’ It was difficult for me to leave my country, Venezuela, but God gave me a new family. That is us: unity within diversity.”

He noted several moments in the Mass itself that were significant to him, “The hymn of the Alleluia before the Gospel moved me,” Andres continued,”‘Seek first the kingdom of God and everything else will be given unto you.’ I think it reflects our self-giving in poverty, chastity and obedience.”

“In the Gospel we read about Jesus walking on the water and calling Peter out on the waves: this reminded me of the path I’m starting. Peter is amazed to See Jesus, his power, and his miracles, and he is invited to go with him: it reminded me that difficult times, even storms, can come but I must maintain my trust in God, in his way. The homily helped me understand the call: we don’t define the path but He does. He gives us the invitation and sets the path for each of us.

You can read about this in Spanish or find out about the formation process of the consecrated men in English or Spanish (more details) as well.