Viviana Limón

I am from Mexico City, Mexico.  I was born on August 18, 1978, and I am the oldest of three children.  I have a brother and a sister.

I was consecrated on August 22, 2002, and I am currently a member of the community of the general direction in Rome.

I had two and a half years of formation in the formation center in Madrid, Spain.  In the middle of my third year, I went to Switzerland to Le Chatelard Academy.  It was my first apostolate.  I was there for two and a half years.  I started NET and the ECYD section and formed the first group of the “School of Parents” in Geneva and Lausanne.  I then went to Paris where I was the director of the community of consecrated women and director of the youth section.  I also was on the road team that travelled to Brussels and Bordeaux.  I worked with Regnum Christi youth and in the Dupanloup School in the diocese of Nanterre for five years.  I was the territorial director for central and western Europe for a year before being elected a general councilor.

My expectations for this assembly are to achieve an attitude of discernment that allows us to see as clearly as possible the way God wants to lead us, and to listen to the Holy Spirit and walk together as a spiritual family.

I ask for prayers so that we can hear God’s plan, and so that we may understand with our minds and hearts the ways in which He wants to make his Kingdom present.

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